Why My Website from Hell Was Embarrassing

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Why My Website from Hell Was Embarrassing

My Website from Hell

It was not only embarrassing but it was totally bad for business. Confessions of a web designer.

My confession and I hope you’ll forgive me as I was in website hell.  And yes, I am a web designer and know I make my clients look awesome – except my company for a while as I did have a website from hell.


Note: I have since launched my new site, but the old one was just old, dated and well, bad, bad, bad and just stunk.


Whenever I told people at networking events that I was going to create a new website but had not started it, they would make excuses for me: oh it’s the cobbler’s kid not getting his/her own shoes. And yeah, for a while, that was it. After a while, it just felt darn overwhelming and then I understood as a web designer why my clients normally take so long to give me items that I need for their new website. And I felt empathy.

And haven’t you looked at sites that web designers have created for themselves only to think: Really? Do they think I want them to make my website for me?

But for me, how in the world was I going to do my own website? What are/were the ramifications of having that website from hell?

Here’s an email I received from a customer before we launched their site:

Jo, we need to get the site up as soon as possible. We are about to lose some business because the customer checked out our current website and the old website only has our old services. When can we launch?

The problem was they hadn’t responded to emails or texts nor given me everything that I had asked for and the consequence of not having a website that had all their new services, was about to prevent them from up-selling to a current client. The customer was looking at hiring someone else instead of them. And I as a web designer can only lead my clients so far. I can’t take them by their ears and pull them to do things – nor would I ever, by the way. But I was no better.

I also put off doing my new website even though I had the following negative things occur:

  • Not convert as many visitors when I used to get LOTS of customers from it before
  • Had old services listed that had nothing to do with what I currently offer
  • Not blog because I was so darn embarrassed about having anyone visit my website from hell
  • Not promote or repurpose any blogs, because if someone did contact me, I’d have to tell them I no longer offer certain services
  • Quit being on social media totally and that is how I started my company – by providing social media services and training

I really was embarrassed – shamefully so. And I now wonder how I was able to just do my previous websites.

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So, here’s what I committed to and what you can do if you are stuck like me on any project:

  • By all means, be gentle on yourself.
  • Don’t be mean and say hurtful things about yourself or your company.
  • Remember that everything will work out as it is supposed to.
  • Take tiny steps and give yourself huge kudos for any step towards your new website or other project.
  • Give yourself a launch deadline – yeah we’ve heard that one before. But it will help you to schedule your project.
  • Make a project list that includes what it’s going to take for your website and break each step down into smaller steps.
  • Work backwards from your launch deadline.
  • If you network, keep networking because that old darn, ugly website ain’t (yes I know improper English) going to get you any new customers – or a few that accidentally land on your sad website.
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And the biggie:

Write down what it would feel like to have your new website. How would you feel as a business owner? What would happen? Would you get more customers? Would you feel pretty darn powerful and proud of your business? How would you feel to to show it off? Would it propel you to the proper degree of greatness? Would your website show that you deserve the title of “expert” in your field? And post that list where you can see it daily.

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So, there’s one caveat to this story. I was ill this year for a while and did all I could for my health. I was forgiving of not getting everything done and it was the best decision because thankfully I sure am rocking my life now and feel much better, thank you very much.

If you need a new website, what would happen if you had your dream website? How would you feel? Or perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones and you have a great website. Comment below please.

Jo Guerra


  • Love, love, love the honesty in your post! And also love the list of what to do to help you get through projects and unstuck. Especially the “be kind to yourself” part! We all tend to be a little harder on ourselves than others, but then … that’s because we want to be the best! Great post!!!

    December 14, 2016 at 12:12 pm
    • Thanks, Terry. We sometimes are very hard on ourselves – harder and meaner than we would ever be to anyone else. And we need to know that it will all work out with a little faith. And we will be our best.

      December 14, 2016 at 12:16 pm
  • Wow, you really tell it like it is. I have been doing graphics and marketing for over 20 years. Now that I have my own business I excel at what I do but do I take my own advice….NO! I know how critical it is to keep your website up to date and continue utilizing social media. You are an inspiration to just get back on the horse and keep going. So what if I stopped doing the things I need to do to effectively promote my business. Because of your post, I was inspired to start posting again and update my website. Taking baby steps to get where I want to go. Thanks for your wise words of wisdom.

    February 4, 2017 at 10:12 pm
  • Oh my. I can so relate. Thank you for your honesty. After procrastinating for a long time, I am finally getting my website redone. Our website is our calling card on the Internet and so important, I know, but your post makes me feel so much better.

    May 18, 2017 at 5:01 pm

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