How to Rock a Website with Images

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How to Rock a Website with Images

Here’s How to Rock a Website with Images to Land More Customers

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If you have a blog or website, good quality images make a HUGE difference. They represent you – your reputation, the quality of your work. If you have blurry pictures or low quality pixeleted images, forget about it. Your company looks like THE bad rookie of the year. Visitors to your website may not know exactly why, but they’ll immediately leave your site to view your competitor’s websites instead. Here how to rock a website with images and best practices.

Great Web Pictures = Great Services or Products?

Or so that is what visitors to your website think. You may have the best customer service, provide the best service and sell the best quality products, but if your pictures suck, they’ll think your company sucks. A company can have the worst service and yet look great because they have great pictures. Pictures sell your company. That’s all there is to it.  Images portray emotions and people are swayed by how they feel when they visit your site.

Images portray emotions and people are swayed by how they feel when they visit your site.Click To Tweet

Your Images Have to be Superb

Whether you have a product or are a service company, your product pictures have to be superb. What can you do to have great pictures? Well, hire a professional photographer for one. If you decide you to take your own pictures, stage the setting so that it looks professional and hire the photographer to show you how to set everything up and take a course in photography.

If you are house painter, remove your paint cans and make sure the room looks warm and inviting with a designer’s touch. No clutter, great lighting, good furniture, etc. Taking your own product pictures? Use a tent to avoid shadows and use proper daylight balanced bulbs.

What If You Don’t Have High Quality Images and Need Some Now?

Purchase good stock photos that represent your company. If you need images with people, don’t use cheesy stock photos like Vince Vaughn’s promotional pictures for Unfinished Business. Yes, they PhotoShopped him into an Istock image. The traditional business attire and conference room pictures are the cheesiest, aren’t they? Avoid them.


Avoid cheesy - we know they're fake - pictures on your website.Click To Tweet

Using pictures of your employees and customers is fantabulous. It shows the heart of your company. But make sure they are GREAT quality. Hire the professional photographer.

Use pictures of your employees and customers to show the heart of your company.Click To Tweet

When uploading any images to your site, make sure you optimize them so that they load quickly but are still good size and quality mages so that your prospects can see the details of your products or get the feel of your company.

Use Mega Pictures

Use as big of pictures are possible. Doing this one thing can really make a difference in improving conversions. You can land more subscribers, get more shares on your posts and page, and convert visitors to customers.

Check out the Image License

There is a misconception that if an image is on Google anyone can use it. Wrong! Yes, I’ve run into this in my career as a WordPress web designer. And let me tell you, you can get into major trouble and be fined by the owner of the image or stock photo place if you don’t have the proper license. You can check out the licensing information on my giveaway and make sure you are using website images best practices on your site.

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