Color Website Palette: What it Means

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Color Website Palette: What it Means

The Importance of your Color Website Palette

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Who knew your color website palette was so important? Because the color, tone and hues you choose can make or break the effectiveness of your website, it’s critical to put some time and thought into your website color palette. With different colors meaning different things to different cultures, you have to take into consideration a variety of factors before deciding on this crucial element of your online presence.

Determining Color

Although black is associated with mourning in America, red is the mourning color of Africa. Yellow is often associated with cowardice in America, but in Japan, it means courage. You can see why it’s so challenging to come up with a great color of your site without offending someone or turning them off from the get-go, especially if your company is a global one. Even the shades of a particular color can be difficult to determine. For example, bright yellow represents happiness and cheerfulness; lighter yellow gives more of a calm, relaxed feeling, while golden-hued yellow resembles a feeling of antiquity and permanence, according to Smashing Magazine.

Color Theory

There are scientists who devote their professional lives studying color theory and its effects on people and groups. Simply changing the hue or saturation of a particular color can change its whole meaning and bring out varied feelings in viewers. Cultural differences can make the difference between an appealing website in one land and an unattractive, depressing or even disrespectful meaning in another. So how do you satisfy everyone? Well, you can’t. However, through the use of a color wheel and palette, you can develop the best colors and hues for your type of business, target audience and clients.

Color Wheels and Palettes

Using wheels and palettes to discover your ideal website color palette is easier than ever. Drawing off the primary colors of red, yellow and blue, these devices can show you which colors best complement each other, from warm tones to cool combinations. Harmony is when something is pleasing to the eye, working to engage the viewer and create an inner sense of order and balance, says Color Matters. Ever since Sir Isaac Newton came up with the very first circular diagram of colors in 1666, scientists and artists have been studying the infinite possibilities of color concepts. For inspiring ideas, check out the Color Palette Generator at to create color schemes for your website design. Simply enter the URL of an image to find the perfect color website  palette to match it. Or, for a more visual, instant creation, check out Color Scheme Designer to find the best compatible shades of color for your website.



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