How to Avoid a Nightmare of a Website: Images Not to Use

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How to Avoid a Nightmare of a Website: Images Not to Use

How to Avoid a Nightmare of a Website

6 Images You Don’t Want to Use

Here’s how to avoid a nightmare of a website and turn off any potential visitors by not using bad images.

A picture is worth 1,000 words, right? Well, what if your pictures on your website merit some awfully bad words because they are not really showing your company’s professionalism, spirit or heart? Or they look cheesy? How can you assure that your images represent your company the right way and make you look like the rock star your company is? If you have them, it’s okay. Just get rid of them a few at a time.

1. The Perfect People and Perfect Business Meeting

cheesy looking office image

The perfect business meeting with everyone around the conference table smiling, looking like models and normally with the perfect mix of diversity. I wonder how the company does not think that we know it’s a big, fat fake picture certainly one in the pictures-to-avoid-at-all-costs and not to use on websites.

So, I know (yeah, we all know) they are not the people that really work for the company and I wonder what in the world the company is hiding. Why won’t they show the real people. Hey, imperfect people to me look much better and show the heart of the company. If you so use pictures with people, make sure that you use people that look hmm, like real persons. Just everyday normal looking people. Or better yet, have a professional photographer take pictures of your employees around that conference table. Now that can make your company look fabulous. That personal look.

2. The Good Looking Male/Female Model

images not to use in websites

Image by Flare at

Should this guy be modeling a suit or be on your website as an employee? Yes, you may have some pretty good looking people working at your company and this picture represents them. But wouldn’t it be best just to take pictures of them? Even though we do business with companies, we actually do business with individuals at the company normally – unless it’s a big box company. Visitors to your website may not realize why, but if they are looking at generic and perfect looking model pictures, they may just navigate away.

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3. Blurry, Pixelated Images

So, I really did take a picture of this tiger and yes, it was great quality. But what if I didn’t have a high quality picture and needed an image for a slider? Well it wouldn’t look good, would it? This stretched, blurry or pixelated picture makes your company look bad. Remember bad pictures = bad service or products. That’s how visitors to your website will see it and may not even bother to contact you. And we know those visitors to your site are looking for your services.

pictures not to use on website category

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4. Super Popular Stock Images

certainly rates as pictures not to use on websites

Whenever I’m searching for WordPress templates I’ve noticed that the same stock photos are used over and over. And yes, they are usually the generic looking ones – with the best looking business person, models and business meetings. Or when I visit sites, I’ve seen these types of images in the sliders (oh and don’t use sliders while we are at it) often. If you are using stock photos, make sure that the stock photo provider hasn’t sold thousands of the image you plan on using. Here’s an old post I found on a contest run to Spot the Stock Photo. The picture above has had close to 400 downloads. I know I’d strongly suggest that my customers DO NOT use this image.

5. Pictures that Don’t Quite Match

If you decide to use flat design images or illustrations in the same area as pictures of real people as an example, they may not quite go together. What this portrays to your customers is a rookie image and I mean as in reputation not as a picture. So, make sure you group your pictures and examine them to see what your images are representing to visitors to your site. Better yet, ask an outsider to give you their opinion. It is so great when we have other eyes looking at our work or advising us.

6. Dark Pictures or Bad Lightingpictures not to use on websites

The real estate market in Denver was crazy. There was a lack of home inventory and in the lower priced ranges, sellers were receiving multiple offers often at well over the listing price. So, when I was looking for a home, I noticed that some pictures on the multiple listing website were just AWFUL. I suppose that gave (some) real estate agents a license to not take pictures with proper lighting. What the heck? The home was going to sell anyway.

So, try your hardest if you are an agent or are selling products. Make sure that you have the best cameras and good lighting or better yet, hire a professional to take pictures. It’s your reputation as a real estate agent that counts, right? Darn it, protect it. And ditto for non-product/services companies. Another way to avoid a nightmare of a website.

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So, there you have it a list of images that represents how to avoid a nightmare of a website. More info on images at How to Rock a Website with Images.

I know you’ve seen them. What type of pictures do you NOT like on websites? Comment below please.

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