Five Useful Things To Do After a Video Challenge

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Five Useful Things to-do After a Video Challenge

Five Useful Things To Do After a Video Challenge

Five Fab Things I Learned from a Video Challenge

Steal My Ideas

Creating videos with you as the star is not easy. Here’s how I participated in a video challenge and you can steal my ideas and suggestions. I know you can do it!

I dreaded it. Doing a video challenge. I mean I put off doing videos forever – years. Sound familiar? But if you have a business this is the way to go. As soon as you go “live” on Facebook, everyone you know or that follows your page gets a notification. And you can announce it in advance. It’s a no-brainer and a brain-drainer as far as the fear I felt.

Facebook Live is a no-brainer because your followers get a notification. How cool is that? Click To Tweet

The challenge: create a video each day for a week. Ya know, I’m old. I have crinkles running down my neck and around my face, cheeks, eyes – you know them as smile miles (oops a typo, but I like it – smile miles) and mine are pretty darn deep and long. Ah, the gracefulness (not) of the acceleration of age. But much better than the alternative of not being here, but I am off topic here.

Yet I decided, what the heck, I’ll go for it. I’ll create videos and possibly look like a darn fool – forgetting my lines. But inside the private Facebook group and not on my profile or page. Yeah, still a chicken. Quit the cackling already.

So this is what you can do (yeah do as I say, right?).

1. Just go for it

My choices were to produce the videos or choose to not to, but that wasn’t going to happen. I got a little guilty nudging from one of the organizers asking me where my videos were. She hadn’t seen one. Honestly, I didn’t know we were supposed to do a video per day at first. But then I had no excuse. I’d been called out. Although I managed to find an excuse. All that equipment I purchased several years ago – the external video, the external microphone – didn’t work with Facebook Live. So, Denise Wakeman, one of the organizers told me to use my phone camera. And whaddaya know? It worked. I did it with my phone and a $15 microphone and used my hand for the tripod. Okay, it’s not as steady, but I just did it and I felt happy.

2. Look your best

Okay, I am lying. But from working at home, ah, sometimes I just don’t worry about the makeup or how nice my hair looks.  Can you relate? I know you small business owners that work virtually can. But it sure felt good to put that makeup on and do my hair and wear a nice outfit. But I also took a video when I wore workout clothes, hey, but I had makeup on. So, you need to do whatever makes you feel good and confident look like a star on that video. And who cares about those well-earned crinkles? They show wisdom and I have a lot of years of knowledge and experience – so take that!

3. Use what you got

As you read (and you should as a quiz comes next) in the first paragraph, you don’t need fancy equipment, lights or a microphone to get started. But you SHOULD have a decent microphone. My fancy lavaliere mic that cost $130 didn’t work. My setup was wrong. But the $15 one did that I attached to my phone. And I purchased a small tripod for my phone for about $15. I already had lights, but I got a lot of reflection from my pictures hanging in back of my desk. So, if it’s a cloudy day, try being outside. Or use some type of “umbrella” lights or open your shades to get decent lighting.

No fancy equipment needed for #Facebook Live. Use your phone and an external mic.Click To Tweet

4. Use a script or don’t

Oh, it was super scary at first. I practiced what I was going to say. Because I was going to highlight my blog posts in either marketing or web design or whatever wonderful nuggets I had written. We are talking marketing, baby. Let’s repurpose that content. But I know me. I have done a LOT of public speaking and yet, something about being in front of a video camera and going live – I mean that gives me the heebee jeebees. Major anxiety, big time. So, I wrote a super short script on a piece of paper and in HUGE letters so I could read it – maybe even without my glasses.

And I practiced and practiced – at least seven times. And then turned on the video and went Ta Da – Live on Facebook in the group. And I even got a prospect from one of the videos. That quick. And it was fun. I mean I found my inner jamon (ham). I even thought I found my calling and was thinking – now why didn’t I try this when I was younger. Maybe I could have been a famous multi-million income news celebrity by now. Okay, exaggerating and wishful thinking (why not?), but I did feel super comfortable after practicing. So, if you feel intimidated, write a short script with bullet points and read them.

Tweet: If you get nervous being on camera, use a script and practice before going live.

5. Repurpose your videos

I completely forgot to download my videos after the challenge and the Facebook group closed. But had I remembered, I could have downloaded them, edited them and posted them to my Facebook page, YouTube and other social media platforms. Plus I would have posted a link back to the original blog post. And any off-the-cuff mistakes will just help me look more genuine and real, don’t ya think? And yet another way to use your content.

And once you repurpose them, spread them on your social media platforms. Just add them to a blog post and use CoSchedule.

Oh, in all fairness: since the video challenge I’ve only created some videos from my blog posts – and not live. Videos with pictures and a script. But just signed up for another challenge and now I know I’ll do better.

Have you tried video yet? If you’re a pro, give us your best advice in the comments below. Or if you’re not, what do you think? Ready to do your first video? Ready to incorporate video into your marketing strategy?

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