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listen to your gut

Listen to Your Gut in Business

How to Listen to Your Gut in Business Listen to your gut. Trust your intuition. Pay attention to that little voice. Great advice that we often don’t quite do as entrepreneurs, right? How can you learn to listen- just listen and make the right decisions based...

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amplify your content

Amplify Your Content

Amplify Your Content Infographic Whether you’re a huge company looking to expand your brand, or a small startup trying to get your name out there, or perhaps you are just an individual and you want to spread your content to friends and family. It doesn’t matter...

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small business myths

Small Business Myths

Small business myths: Who knew urban legends could apply to small business? And yet it's true: myths can have a negative, even fatal, impact on business owners as a deterrent to success, with the harmful ability to reinforce or encourage bad decisions, says the Small Business...

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linkedin profiles

LinkedIn Profiles that Work!

How a Mortgage Consultant Worked her LinkedIn Profile to Attract Her Ideal Customers Why LinkedIn? With all the social media platforms, it's hard to make decisions on which ones you should be on. LinkedIn, the premier social media network for businesses can be great for attracting the...