Rave Reviews

Some of the customers I've been proud to work with. Oh and did I mention how much fun we had?

Thanks to Our Customers We Are Blushing

So many different jobs and projects through the years. Here are some of our rave reviews.

Jo with Kick A Marketing is proficient, innovative, creative, responsive and fun to work with. We love our new website.

Chelle Helm, Region 8 Enviro

Can I buy you lunch next week to celebrate the new website? I have been remiss in gushing about how great it looks!

Darcy Truppo, Realtor®, SE Denver Homes

I am so proud of our website. My family was enchanted with it and had many good things to say about it. Thank you so much for working so hard on it… it is wonderful!!

Wilma Dunias, Baklava by Wilma

I hired Jo to edit my LinkedIn profile using keywords. to highlight my profile. She interviewed me and the story she wrote based on what I told her really shows the passion I have for helping seniors with reverse mortgages. I think she is awesome. .

Sandy Clement, Reverse Mortgage Professional

Jo Guerra and her team created a website for our business. Jo delivered everything she promised, stayed within the budget and time frame we discussed and went the extra mile… I loved doing business with her.

Ed & Irina Ward, Affordable Tree Care

Your presentation was absolutely wonderful and I have had great feedback from our clients. One of them even showed me some of the updates she made to her site! Thank you for providing her with those helpful hints.

Kate Richards, Office Evolution
Ready to sound just marvelous and attract your clients?

I would like to thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with our corps members during your presentation. The members who attended your session have shared that they found you to be insightful, knowledgeable, and fun! They were grateful for the good resources you provided.

Lynette Murphy, Sarah Foster, & Becky Grimm, AmeriCorps*NCCC

When I first met with Jo I was in a bit of a funk; I knew I had the talent for my line of work but I knew I needed some help. Jo boosted my self-confidence by making me feel good about what I had accomplished in the past and gave me some excellent ideas. She gently kicked me in the pants to face my fears, get focused and do the marketing things that got me better clients.

Kevin Campbell, Writer, Producer, Director, Kevin Campbell Films

Incredible! That’s the only word I can think of to describe how much I accomplished via an hour conversation with you. Thank you for your expertise and your suggestions. You were able to take my ideas and help me focus by showing me how to do research, put together a prioritized ‘to do’ list and make tremendous progress toward my goal.

Patricia Perry, P-Squared, LLC