ask a web designer these questions

You need a new WordPress website design, but aren’t sure what to expect. Here are the top questions you should be asking.

What is included with my website design?

Do they custom make the WordPress template or use a template? And what is the difference? Often if you start off with a template, you’ll be able to see a great sample of what your website will look like. But be aware that not all WordPress templates are good. Some have bad coding and you may have issues in the future.

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Designing your new website just got a little bit easier with these tips below. If your website project is a redesign, I bet you have a lot of outdated information on your current site and your business has changed as far as services since you first started (ditto for me as I am creating a new website).

Plus you’re probably in the groove of knowing the type of customers you’ve served that have been the best fit. A lot of the articles that I’ve seen about designing a new website, state that the first thing you need…

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If you’re technically challenged, you may not want to read this article. But you SHOULD before you lose your website.

Using WordPress to design your site is great because it gives us small business owners flexibility to update it easily without hiring a coder or web developer. But it is vulnerable to attacks.

What happens if the stars align perfectly and you happen to lose your site (guilty) and don’t have a backup? You can lose everything. And yes, as hard as it is for me to admit, I lost my site once when those beautiful stars aligned perfectly and never

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Have a new business and want to create your new website? Or are you migrating your first website to a new platform? Here are five important steps to save you tons of stress and make your website project easy breezy – well almost.

Here’s my process for finding a domain name. Use a thesaurus and notebook or document. You’ll get suggestions from any domain registrar if a name is/is not available, and keep a list of the ones you like. Use the thesaurus to find more suggestions of similar words – it’s like brainstorming ideas.

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