Marketing Strategy Consulting

Is it really super easy to get found online? Really? Let's get real.

Some marketing consultants or marketing agencies will tell you it’s easy to get found online and get lots of business. They’ll promise you the moon and deliver – well nothing or a lot less than you expected. Or they don’t get your company’s voice right. We always rely on others because we as small business owners are too busy – and we think that others can solve our problems.

Well two things. It’s the consistency that makes a difference in anything especially in internet marketing and getting found online. And getting your voice, branding and messaging is so important. That authenticity (forgive the cliché) is what makes your company unique and attracts the right customers that you want to do business with – the right fit for your company.

It’s the consistency that makes a difference in internet marketing and getting found online

And if you want to do this yourself or do it in-house, you can get it so much better than an outsider. But you probably need some help creating the right marketing strategy and having help with accountability and implementation (heck, we all do). To get the “right stuff”, you may need to have someone else look from the outside in to whittle down the important things that are really going to help your company.

But are you ready to do this? Do you feel dedicated to moving forward and really making a great go out of your business? If you’re motivated and willing to put in the hard work, then let’s do it.

Some of the things we can look at:

  • SEO – Is your website set up for success and being understood by search engines?
  • Social media -What platforms are you on? What success are you having? What should you be on and what type of plan do you need that fits with your time?
  • Blogging – Do you have a blogging plan or editorial calendar? Have you figured out how to spread the blog through your platforms? Have you considered a keyword strategy?
  • Comprehensive marketing strategy and schedule –Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, calendar and editorial calendar.
  • Your website – Are you using something that is easy to update? Are there any improvements we can do to get that website found. Is it the right look? How is your user experience? Are your visitors finding what they need?
  • And so much more.

Are we a fit? Can I help you? Let’s find out. Book a consultation.