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Should We Work Together?

The majority of our WordPress web design and marketing consulting work is with small businesses that are service-related and have less than 50 employees. If you are ready to get more clients and look great online (it makes a huge difference on prospect/client conversion) because you don’t want to feel overwhelmed and technically challenged, this is where Kick A comes in. If you are not clear about the vision for your business, then a business coach or consultant is who you want to work with before you hire Kick A.

We love working with companies and individuals that have the same philosophy as we do. When we think the same way about business, everything is smooth.

We are (I am) here to make you look great online so that when your prospects visit your site, you will convert more to customers.

If you believe or have the following, then you are my perfect client:

  • Believe that what you offer can make a big difference in your customer’s lives
  • Know that you deserve to succeed (and can I help you with that belief!)
  •  Are concerned about your consistency in your brand
  •  Understand that we have challenges in business and life, but we keep going
  • Believe in the goodness of people and clients
  • Are motivated an clear about your services and products
  • Have a great vision of what you want to accomplish, but need it translated to a plan
  • Want to establish, provide and maintain the best customer service

  • Are inspired to succeed
  • Need to look as great online as your business is
  • Strive for the best – uhm, because you deserve it, baby
  • Want to feel organized and confident in your business and life
  • Want to feel valued by the vendors and people you work with
  • Want to feel listened to and supported by those you hire
  • Handle your business with the highest ethics
  • Know that you love taking care of your business, but realize that ya just need some help to make all the pieces work to your best advantage

It just takes a phone or Skype call to see if we are a fit. Book a complimentary 30-minute consultation now.