How long will my website take?

Every website project is different. For your website, we will need information and other items from you. So, it really depends on what is in queue and how long it takes for you to return information and items we ask for. Normally it is about 45 to 60 days to complete. But this may vary depending on Kick A’s workload.

Will there be clear instructions to begin with of what you need from me?

Yes. We will both have items that we are responsible for. Besides the first questionnaire, I normally get to a point where I have to ask you additional questions or get your opinion. As long as I get back each questionnaire or the emails answered with questions I’ve asked, we can keep going. But this is what may delay the project as well.

Life happens and we all have obligations or emergencies. Plus work obligations. If you miss an email or are not able to return something to me, just do your best to get back to me as soon as you can, but know that there may be a delay. Please let me know what is happening. I will do the same should something inhibit me from working on your site.

What do I need to provide to you?

You’ll receive a preliminary questionnaire that asks for the information/items that we need to begin your project. You can use it as a guide for your website project. Please save to your computer, fill out and then return as soon as possible.

What is your background in website development?

I had my first website created in 1996 and I hated that every single time I wanted to update it, I couldn’t – I had to hire a web designer. Then I created my first website in 2008. When I decided to migrate over to WordPress, I hired a designer to help me build my website and I was hooked. I took quite a few WordPress classes – I mean hours upon hours of training. I work mainly on the front end designing/finding a template to create a website that will rock your company. And I have a developer that I’ve been working with for quite a few years that is fantastic.

Although I took lots of classes in WordPress, experience is what has really helped me with design and development. When something goes wrong, it’s about finding the right solution to make sure that any WordPress sites I work on are perfect for my clients.

I have some pictures I’ve taken. Can we use them?

That really depends on the quality of the images and the subject of the pictures. We want your website to look excellent and represent you as a professional company. Don’t worry. If your pictures don’t work, we have some great resources where you/we can look. Plus I can put you in touch with a great photographer.

I found some pictures on Google? Can I use them?

Licensing is a very important issue. To protect both of us, all images and fonts must be licensed properly and if you are providing images, you guarantee the usage of the images are commercially licensed for your website. Kick A respects and adheres to all copyright laws and respects intellectual property.

Can I use any font for my website or any graphic design?

Just like images, all fonts should be licensed properly for commercial use. Again if you decide to supply your own font, you also guarantee that it is licensed properly to you and for Kick A to use it in your project. Most of the templates we use have options for different fonts, so you’ll be covered on the site itself.

I don’t want to do anything as far as the project. Can you help me?

Kick A can help a LOT. We’ve managed and created sites for companies that were rarely involved through the process. For an extra fee, we can manage the project with some input from your company. Yes, we’ve been able to guess – and lucky guesses at that. But even if we manage your project, we still need some input. Unless you agree in advance to let us take the lead and agree that your company will be 100% fine with the project when we give it to you. We can always make tweaks for an additional fee if you want something changed.

How much will a website cost?

That really depends on a lot of factors. We have “packages” for web design including a “Business Website Development” package and a “Custom Website Development” package. We’ll send these to you. To come up with a good estimate, Kick A will ask you a lot of questions to really understand your needs. Then we can quote a price.

How long has Kick A been in business?

Although we really started in 2008, we officially opened our doors in 2009 as Your Marketing Gal, LLC and then changed the name to Kick A Marketing Group.

I’m ready to start now, but don’t have everything to give you. Is that okay?

I’ll start the project once I receive your deposit. And in order to save you time and money on the project and stick to the original budget, I normally start the project when I have everything I’ve requested. That means all the writing, all the images (unless I am looking for them), the navigation structure (what pages you want), the hosting, the template, your logos, color design preferences, etc. If some of this is in my scope of work, then that’s a different story. As much as I wish I could guess, I can’t. And if I do something that is not to your liking because I don’t have the information, you won’t be happy, right?

So, let’s work together to get everything up front or understand what you are comfortable doing and giving me or what I need to do for you. I know that creating a website is a big project and everyone has different comfort levels. If I know that your comfort level is low and you want some guidance, then I can build the cost into the project.

I have my own designer. Can they create my graphic design?

Please provide any images (logo, your photo, etc.) that you have. Any graphic/design work needed for your website is normally quoted with your project. We want to make sure we keep your project on track, so we use our in-house designer. But we are happy to look at your images and let you know whether they would look good on your site or not. Remember that you guarantee that any design/fonts or images you provide for Kick A to use is your intellectual property and you are licensed to use it commercially.

Does the website include any copywriting or writing?

We can certainly give you a quote for your writing. But it is not included.

Why should I hire Kick A to do any writing for me?

You can have someone else do your writing or we can migrate your existing content/writing from your old website. However, if you want to show the heart of your company, we can bring that story out for you – it’s not generic writing. If you want to sound and look different, we can help. But it also depends on your industry. If we’re not comfortable with it, we’ll let you know and/or find the right person for you. Plus if you are in more of a hurry to have your website completed, bringing a writing expert in will speed up the project.

What do you use to build websites?

We use WordPress to provide our customers a “content management system” – a system that is easy for Google and other search engines to read. Plus if you know Word, you should be able to update your site should you desire. It’s important that businesses have full control over their site.

Over 23% of the top ten million sites use WordPress including The New Yorker, Mercedes-Benz, The New York Time, Google Ventures and Tech Crunch. You can’t beat that.

Can you host our website?

We don’t host any websites. Depending on your needs, we’ll direct you to our favorite hosting companies. We do this so you can have the ultimate control over your website. You are also responsible for keeping payments up to date for your hosting and domain.

Can you purchase my hosting and domain for me?

Absolutely. We will just need your credit card information. Some customers are comfortable sharing that information with Kick A. Some are not. It’s really up to you. If you don’t want to share your info, Kick A will be glad to guide you through this process. We suggest hosting only on certain services because of the added security and backup options. As far as the domain, you will own the domain – not Kick A. Again, this is so you have complete control over it.

Do you provide training?

Yes. A 30-minute Skype session is included after we turn launch the website. Plus you’ll receive a hefty (over 130 pages) WordPress training book where you can find information for adding posts, pages and everything else you need. Need extra training? We can provide more at an additional cost.

When do I get control of the website? Can I change/add things before you are finished?

Once you’ve approved everything, we’ll give you the virtual “keys” to your website including your login info and password. Everyone’s technology proficiency is different. In order for Kick A to deliver a top-notch website, your access to the website is upon delivery/completion of the site. You’ll have 10 days after completion to make minor changes based on our original agreement.

If I contact you, when will you get back to me?

Normally I try to get back to all emails as soon as possible. If you haven’t heard from Kick A, I may have missed your email. So, please contact me.

Are any revisions included?

Depending on your project, there are a few revisions included in the price. In order to save you time and money, having everything organized up front is very important so that you don’t incur additional costs.

What happens if I’m not happy with the work?

Let’s resolve what is wrong. If we have kept in touch, this shouldn’t happen. In fact, I’ve never had it happen. But we want to make sure that I understand exactly what you want. And this is where communication in advance is VERY important.

What is your payment schedule?

A deposit of 50% is due up front. Within 45 days or right before we launch, 40% is due. You will have 10 days to look at your site and send minor changes (misspellings, change image, etc.) that you need done. And then 10% is due 10 days after the launch.

What if I need to change the scope of work in the middle of the project?

If you have a project going and would like to change functionality, no problem. But if I am deep into the project, I may need to finish up the current project as agreed and then open up a new project. This way, we can both make sure that everything from the initial scope of work as quoted is completed, while still allowing additional work at the end of the project.

Will I receive the original files?

For licensing purposes, I suggest that you purchase any themes and images or graphics. That way you have the license to begin with and access to the account where these are purchased. But should I buy them instead if the license allows, I normally send you the license information immediately so that you can have them for your records. It’s important that you keep this info in a place where you can easily access them in case you are questioned about the licensing.

Depending on your hosting package, 30 days of backups may be kept on file for you by your hosting company. So, your hosting company will have your backup, but you should ask them to give you one as well. I will also send you a backup for your records. It’s important that you keep this in a safe place as well should something happen to your site.

Any More Questions?