Let's make sure your company sizzles. Can you hear it?

Forget the BS Copywriting and I Don’t Mean Bachelor of Science

What sounds better? A website that expounds on your successes and all about your company (who cares?) or reading a story about a company? Ever noticed? And how many darn clichés’ do you run into when reading other people’s websites? To me, it’s like chalk on an old chalkboard.

Depending on your industry (as we know who we can/can’t help), I know that Kick A can make your company sound a heck of a LOT better than you can with my copywriting. We hate making ourselves sound GREAT. Even if you are, right? Or when you’re on the inside looking out, sometimes you just can’t get the writing simplified enough for your customers to understand. So, that’s where I’ll come in.

We hate making ourselves sound GREAT. Even if you are, right?

Let’s talk about your services and business successes in a way that impress and makes a difference to your website visitors. Through my copywriting, I’ll get the positivity out about your company and show the heart of your business (oh no a cliché). Let Kick A write your story for your website. After all, we all love stories, don’t we? And you don’t want to have boring useless content.

I’ll help you chisel out your compelling WHY. Why you serve your clients, what are the benefits of doing business with you and write it so that you convert more of the website prospects into customers. We are talking about building your story in a way that matters to clients, which in turn means prosperity to your business. And after all, don’t you deserve it? I’ll find the powerful elements about your business that actually make a difference.

Let's chisel out your WHY. Why you serve your clients and write it so that you convert more prospects into paying customers. Yeah, baby!

And if you decide to go at it yourself, please don’t tell your visitors what your mission and vision is and why your company is so great because they just don’t care. They want to know how your services will help them. Instead show them with stories.

Ready to sound just marvelous and attract your clients?