6 Powerful Free Online Writing Tools to Rock Your Content

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Free Online Writing Tools

6 Powerful Free Online Writing Tools to Rock Your Content

These 6 free online writing tools will help rock your content

I’m always trying new online tools. In fact, I am a total sucker for paid tools as well as some free ones.  Some make my online marketing life easier and some just don’t work. Some have actually increased my online brand – making me a bit famous – love that. Here are six of my favorite online writing tools that you can start using today to punch up your content, get more eyeballs on your website and at least make you a bit more famous.

Say it a Different Way

Ever run out of ideas on how to reword a phrase when writing a blog post or report? Other than using a thesaurus (one of my favorite resources), you can also use Another Way to Say That. Here’s an example. I plugged in “base case scenario” and “ideally” came up as a suggestion.  You’ll have to decide if the word or phrase that pops up as an alternative is a good fit for your writing. But we can use a little help when it comes to writing, right?

Use 'Another Way to Say That' to paraphrase statements or rewrite phrases. Click To Tweet

how to reword phrases and words

To Capitalize a Headline or Not

Yes, every style guide has their own way of doing this, and every major company’s blog does as well. Just finished writing a couple of articles for GoDaddy and only the first letter was capitalized in my articles. So confusing. What should you do? It is a personal preference it seems like, but here’s a great resource: TitleCap. Capitalize your headline based on the AP Style or Chicago Manual of Style. Also, take a quick look at the rules they’ve summarized.

Wondering what words should be capitalized in your headline? Plug your title into 'Title Cap' and you'll have your answer. Click To Tweet

how to capitalize headlines

It’s Important to Simplify Your Writing

Is your writing difficult to understand? Is it too technical? Are you using acronyms no one understands unless they are in your industry? Great way to turn off customers. Did you know that Steve Jobs spoke at about a 6th-grade level when presenting to audiences? The master of presentations! If he keeps it simple, why shouldn’t you? Use the Readability Formulas to determine the grade level of your writing. Plug in samples or add up to 3,000 words to check your text. This blog post ranged from 4.8 to 9.1 as far as a grade level depending on the “readability formula” platform. Can’t beat this one for one of my fave online writing tools.

readability formula

PS – If you use Yoast for SEO, your readability is built-in as far as the paid version. Not sure about the free version.

Use 'Readability Formulas' to determine the grade level of your writing. Click To Tweet

Should it be Your or You’re? – Check Your Grammar

I’ll admit it! Grammar is not my forte. Should I add a comma or not? I mean I stress about this and I so know I am NOT perfect. So, I get a little help from my friends at Grammarly. It points out mistakes in grammar. And we want to look smart – at least like I know what I am doing when I am writing. If not, you may have an unforgiving person that takes grammar very seriously and doesn’t want to do business with you because you have so many mistakes on your blog post or report. So, try Grammarly and you’ll be safer. Gotta admit though that it is not 100% correct. A real editor would pick up more, but it helps.

check grammar mistakes on grammarly

Make Your Headline Sizzle

Drive traffic, get more shares and results with CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer. Will your headline actually attract people to read your writing or just say “next” and not even click on it? Not anymore. Use the headline analyzer to rate your title on their criteria. How many power words do you have? How common are they? Just plug in your title and pay attention to their suggestions to see how you can improve your title and attract more readers. CoSchdule rocks! It’s one of my favorite online writing tools. Now the headline analyzer is free, but they also have a free paid version that helps you automate your blog post sharing.

And on a side note, read 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Inviting to dress up your blog posts.

analyze headlines

Optimize Your Social Media Messages

Ah, again from CoSchedule: the social message optimizer. According to CoSchedule, the social media optimizer is a tool that will help you get more engagement from your social media messages. That means more eyeballs on your social media posts and more shares. Hey and maybe some business as well, wouldn’t you like that? Yep!

optimize social posts tool

Add your message and you’ll get ratings for each social network. Follow the prompts to improve your message. Yeah, you have to work a bit, but I bet it’ll be worth it. Oh and read my CoSchedule review at How One Blog Post Can Make You Almost Famous.


A Bonus Must-Read Mini Rant on Clichés

Oh, my pet peeve is the overuse of clichés and buzzwords. There used to be a gobbledygook rater and it was my favorite online writing tools.   Yeah, I use them sometimes, but try to avoid them. So, make sure you read my two lists at  40 Overused Clichés That Will Destroy Your Content and 50 Overused Buzzwords That Will Destroy Your Writing. And quit using them already!

There you have it. Just some of my favorite free online writing tools. What are yours? Will you use some of these? Are you using them already? Please comment below!

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