5 Tested Tools Proven to Get More Prospects Online

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5 tested tools proven to get more prospects online

5 Tested Tools Proven to Get More Prospects Online

Does it have to be hard to get the right marketing plan that works for your company? Heck no. With these five tested tools proven to get more prospects online, you’re on your way to get more clients and leads – trust me (yeah, right).

1. Email Newsletters

I cannot believe – or, okay I can sooo believe it because I was one of those business owners. Many of us don’t use those valuable emails we’ve gathered over time to contact our list of customers and prospects. I went almost a year without sending an email out to my list. Shame on me! Recently I spoke with two people that don’t contact that low-hanging fruit, and folks, the newsletters you send to your customers is one of the best ways to keep in touch and remind your prospect/clients that you are still around, have new offerings, share news, tips, promotions, etc. One prospect that has a new business was so concerned about her SEO – S., E. what? Who cares? I uncovered that in the four months her restaurant has been open, they captured their customer’s emails. There’s gold in them thar hills, restaurant lady! And it’s yours for the digging.

Keep in touch with customers and prospects with a simple newsletter. Just do it consistently!Click To Tweet

madmimi newsletter program

Jon Loomer, a Facebook super expert said in his recent article titled Entrepreneurs: List Building Strategies that Facebook and organic traffic  is very important for his revenue, but and that “[his] list is ultimately the most important traffic and revenue driver for [his] business.” And while we are at it, since I re-engaged with my list, I am getting LOTS of enquiries and jobs!

How to Resources: Mad Mimi (affiliate), Mail Chimp, Constant Contact

2. Create a Giveaway

What kind of information is important to your customers? What do they need? What questions do your prospects/customers ask you? You can gather that info and create a checklist, Ebook, report, guide, video or a worksheet to give away.  And it doesn’t have to be fancy, although I do get carried away when creating mine. Here are two of my recent giveaways also called “content upgrades”.

This first one below is a 12 Step Design Checklist that I add to web design related posts. I created it in Word – now how simple is that!

12 step web design checklist giveaway

I created The Top 10 Free Image Sites EBook in PowerPoint by using a portrait orientation – ah so it looks more like a book. Love creating these types of giveaways because that creativity comes in. top 10 free image sites ebookAnd yes, you are welcome to download them. Shameless promotion, huh? Well I have to ask.

Create a giveaway in Word or PowerPoint based on customer’s needs. Keep it simple.Click To Tweet

How to Resources: Use PowerPoint, Word, Video

3. Create Landing Pages

If you create a landing page for each giveaway, you can share the link to your social media connections – or use ads to get more people on your email list and get more prospect online. There are so many landing page programs and you’ll have to look around to see what is best for you. Or you can even use a simple page on your website by making it full width and integrate a newsletter program to capture emails. Here are some examples of my landing pages.

Create a landing page for each giveaway to share with your social media connections.Click To Tweet

This first one is for the 12 Step Website Design Checklist. I just added my colors to make it pop.

12 step web design checklist download

And the second one is for the 12 Step FREE Website Design Checklist. I made both of these pages with Thrive Themes. But you’ll find other resources right below. Landing pages are a great way to get more prospects online. You can share the link with your social media contacts and advertise it.

top 10 free image sites ebook download

How to Resources: Thrive Leads, Lead Pages, Inbound Now, Wix

4. Spread the Blog Love

If you’re blogging just to blog that just doesn’t work. You need to share those posts that you worked so hard on to social media. And yeah, maybe you share once or twice and then go on to other things because you get busy with everything you have to do as a business owner. Well, why not share it 50 times? I mean what the heck are you blogging for? Just because. Heck no. You want to get found. You want to share info. You want to be known as an expert and attract your ideal audience (oops cliché).

Oh, ever since I found CoSchedule, I am in love with blogging. Full disclosure, I am an affiliate and get a tiny cut should you decide to explore it. Here’s a screenshot of how I scheduled a blog post to share to several social media platforms right from my website. But you can schedule your posts to be shared for an extended amount of time.

example of coschedule sharing schedule

Want to know more about the fabulous CoSchedule platform to get more prospects online? Read my review: How One Blog Post Can Make You Almost Famous.

How to Resource: Use CoSchedule (affiliate)

5. Create “Snackable” Blog Post Images to Share on Social Media

Keep it simple. Every time I blog, I pull out a few quotes from the post to share as ready-made tweets. Then I use the same quotes to create snackable images to share with my social media connections. And I also add a link back to the particular blog post. And as you probably know, people love these images as opposed to plain old status updates.

How to Resources: Use Canva, Stencil, Photoshop or PicMonkey

There you have it: 5 tested tools proven to get more prospects online. If you’re not using all of these, don’t worry. Just incorporate one at a time.

Also, read 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Inviting and you’ll have a total of ten tools for your online strategies that will help you get more leads.

Get these tools along with five other ways to make your blog posts interesting in this ultimate ready-made guide chock full of examples and resources. Sign up below.

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