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How to Increase Facebook Reach by 1,333% – Facebook Live

Is Facebook Live Video good for your company? Heck yeah!

Unless you are paying to play on Facebook and using Facebook ads, your reach and engagement on your Facebook business page has gone way down, right? Here’s how to increase your Facebook reach and engagement dramatically. I did it and you can too.

Simple – Use Facebook Live video!

Well not so simple for me, really. I mean I was terrified the first time I started the camera and did my first Facebook live video on my Facebook page. So much fear – you woulda thought I was going to go down for surgery. We are talking butterflies galore that I thought would fly right out of my stomach. Self doubt: what the heck do my Facebook fans want to see that old crinkly lady for? Hee hee. Well that’s another story and that’s who I am – a woman with lots of knowledge. So take that!

Use Facebook Live to increase your Facebook business page reach by 1,333%.Click To Tweet

My first Facebook Live video got over 1,000 Reach and over 300 views. I do have a lot of content on Facebook that gets decent reach, but this is much more. Halleluiah! I’m sold. I’m into increasing my reach by 1,333% and that is exactly what happened that week with this first video.

According to BuzzSumo: “the average video post in April 2017 reached 12.05% of the total page audience, just ahead of photos at 11.63%, links at 7.81%, and status updates at only 4.56%”.

So, here’s your quick checklist on creating your videos. Remember to keep it simple. Create videos from your phone, your computer or attach an external camera.  Note, I have no affiliation with any of the products suggested.

Use Proper Lighting

If your lighting is good inside, go for it. If not, do your video outside. You can also get a selfie-light for your phone. Or better lighting for inside – like a Diva light. I purchased one from B & H for $99. You can find all kinds of light sets online. I find that whatever I do has to be easy, so the Diva type of light goes on one side and I clip the selfie-light on the other side giving me a nice amount of brightness.

When creating #FacebookLive videos, make sure your lighting is good or use a selfie-light if using your phone.Click To Tweet


This is a hit or miss. If you fail at having good sound, you are setting your video up for failure. Okay, I splurged and purchased two great microphones. One is a lavaliere microphone that cost around $130 and the other is a traditional, heavy microphone – about the same price. Guess what? I don’t use either. I use this $15 lavaliere microphone purchased from Amazon. Plug it into your phone or computer and it works wonderfully. Just don’t forget to clip it on your lapel.

facebook live video lavaliere microphone

Nice Background

Ah – nothing fancy here. But a nice background makes your video look nicer. If you’re outside, now that is pretty darn cool.  I had flower and aspen pictures as my background before. Lovely pictures, but I got a lot of reflection from the glass on the frames. So, I switched to these fun Paris prints.

facebook live video background exaple

Use a nice background when creating #Facebook Live videos to add interest to your setting.Click To Tweet


Use your internal computer camera, phone or external camera for Facebook Live. If you are using a phone for recording your Facebook Live videos, try the portrait orientation. Here’s a tip from Mari Smith:  “When broadcasting yourself, go portrait. When broadcasting scenes, events, anything else, go landscape.” A nice camera I use that has great quality is the Logitech 1080. It’s only $59 on Amazon and has great ratings. And Boomer is in the background snoozing away.

facebook live video camera


If you’re using your phone or an external camera, use a tripod to avoid shaking. You can also use your hand for impromptu videos or a selfie-stick, which I don’t have. I actually don’t use the tripod pictured below on the left although I did purchase it. It was suggested in my Facebook Live challenge. It hugs my Android phone perfectly and is advertised perfect for iPhones. The other tripod is just an old tripod I had. Works great for my external camera. And on the loveseat? That is my other cat Mojo. They have to get in the picture, of course.

Is it Easy?

The hardest thing is getting started with your first Facebook Live video. I promise. Confession time: three years ago I went to California and took a class from a YouTube video super pro. It was so complicated: lighting, angles, script (which I use), teleprompter, editing and so much more.  Now it’s so much easier. Just do it.

The hardest thing about creating Facebook Live videos is getting started. Just go for it.Click To Tweet

Read more about how to do a video and what to do on my previous blog post Five Useful Things To Do After a Video Challenge.

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