How One Blog Post Can Make You Almost Famous – CoSchedule Review

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How One Blog Post Can Make You Almost Famous

How One Blog Post Can Make You Almost Famous – CoSchedule Review

Blog once, share 50 times and become famous? Well a lot more than just blogging without a plan and why the heck not? Here’s my honest CoSchedule Review.

Yes, I’m biased on this CoSchedule review, but if you were to manually share a blog post 50 times, it would take you hours. Not with CoSchedule. That’s the secret sauce that Kick A started using this year. With this tool, you can increase your social media awareness, connect with more prospects and visitors to your site, get more business and automate the process to minutes (well almost), hey and maybe even become famous. Eventually, you will.

Writing a blog post is an elaborate process. It takes hours to research, write the post, get idea titles, create images, find the right keywords, make sure the SEO is right, etc. And then I would share a blog post only a few times. Oh, maybe five. Now how is Kick A ever going to get famous?

But with CoSchedule, you can share your blog posts to a LOT of social media platforms easily and automate the process – making CoSchedule an extremely valuable tool for marketing. Slow, steady, consistent marketing is what works.

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If you have a team, you can do a lot with CoSchedule as well, but I have one of the solo packages, so that is what I will be referring to in this article and to using WordPress as your website platform. You can use it without WordPress as well. And I hope this CoSchedule review, will inspire you to try it because it’s amazing. On and in all honesty, if they like my article, I do get a discount on using CoSchedule. But I’ve never honestly reviewed anything and am doing this because I am stoked.

1. Integration with WordPress

If you use WordPress, CoSchedule has a calendar integrated into it. So you can create your blog post draft schedule and you’ll be able to see all messages that you are sharing through CoSchedule as well. Should you not post a blog one week, you’ll receive an email that states you didn’t publish any content that week – so it will remind you to get working (my words, not theirs). We’ll go over the schedule right below and go over what populates the calendar.

editorial calendar

2. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

Oh, what a great tool and it’s free. Even if you don’t have CoSchedule, you’ll love this. You can find it right below your WordPress post or at CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer.

In the image below after many attempts at titles, I received a “74” for the rating. The headline analyzer takes into account the type of words that are in this particular title “5 Steps to Make Your New Website an Excellent Adventure” broken down like this:

  • “common” words (an, to, your)
  • “uncommon” words (make, new)
  • “emotional” words (excellent)
  • “power” words (adventure, excellent)

I shoot for a title in the 70’s. Sometimes it takes a heck of a long time to come up with a good title while other times I just rock at coming up with a good title. The better my title, the more people will look at my blog post, but don’t get stuck on having to be perfect. Just go on.

Tip: Keep the list of blog title possibilities to share on social media and create images with the titles to share in your schedule.

headline analyzer3. Create Images

There are tools to create images that you can add to your social media sharing schedule (info right below). Images pop your social media posts – they are micro-content that really help your blog post get shared and shown. I use images branded for my company and often I’ll use a variety of titles or snippets from my blog post. You can use image creation tools such as Canva (no affiliation) or Photoshop to create images. Here are some examples of images I’ve used.

And a tip I pulled from another article to share on social media through CoSchedule:

Fun, aren’t they? Even if I do say so myself. Hee hee.

4. Social Media Sharing Setup

After you’ve written your blog post, found your ideal title, polished it up and are ready to share, it’s time fill out the CoSchedule plan.

So you have quite a few things to pick from. First, select your social profile, add text, image, video or a link (or don’t). Notice that the title and permalink are already populated, but you can certainly change anything you want. Then add your date to share the post. You can even use “social helpers”, but I haven’t used them yet. “Custom Social Helpers give the ability to add custom text and extra images to your Social Messages without having to have the information inside of your WordPress blog post or Content Editor” according to CoSchedule’s blog.

filling out coschedule's sharing
5. Create a Social Media Sharing Campaign with CoSchedule

Now you get to plan a social sharing schedule and this is what makes this tool so unique and what can make your blog post or company famous – at least almost. What a help for us small business owners! It’s like having a personal assistant to do your work.

When you use CoSchedule to share your blog post, it's like having a VA do your work.Click To Tweet

Here’s an example from this same blog post of what I shared. It’s faded out because this has already been shared.

This is the schedule I use for the first ten days for each blog post. And I have everything set up for six months out.

  • Day 1
    • Shared to my Facebook business page
  • Day 2
    • Shared three times to Twitter at different times
  • Day 3
    • Shared to LinkedIn as a status update
    • Shared to Twitter
    • Shared to Pinterest
    • Shared to Google+ business page
  • Day 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
    • Shared to different boards on Pinterest and used different images, titles or tips
  • Day 9
    • Shared “tip” from article to Twitter
    • Shared to Pinterest
  • Day 10
    • Shared to Google+ with a different image or tip

So, for the first ten days, I shared the blog post a total of 16 times in under 30 minutes. Halleluiah! And it’s quite easy to share your blog post from CoSchedule’s dashboard. Just know that the schedule has to be good for you. Study your analytics and see if one of the social media platforms is working for you or not. Move on if it’s not.

By using CoSchedule, you can schedule to share a blog post 16 times in under 30 minutes. Click To Tweet

Also, all this sharing is what populates the calendar as shown above. If you need to change something, you can just move it to another day on the calendar. And another great thing is that you can actually schedule social media post right from the calendar.

6. Sharing Counts

Although I’ve always gotten business from my website, rarely did anyone comment on my posts and I didn’t have any idea how many times my post might have been shared. With CoSchedule, I know. And even though it’s not a ton yet, it’s decent. Here’s a share count from a blog post. Again CoSchedule keeps track. So, I’m not famous yet, but give me time because that’s all it takes. You can also use this tool to make your workflow faster and oh, so much easier!


Blogging for blogging’s sake doesn’t work anymore. Adding a blog post and doing nothing doesn’t work. You must be proactive on social media to make your blog posts count and using CoSchedule is a great entrepreneurial platform.

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.

Think I sound biased? Yes, I am with this CoSchedule review because I LOVE it.

What do you think? Ready to automate with CoSchedule? Please note that this is an affiliate link, but I know this tool will help you rock your blog and social media platforms and become famous eventually. You’ll wonder how you did without it. Plus it’s very, very reasonable for all the time it’ll save you. And I’ll get to say, I knew you when… Questions? Comment below and I’ll answer lickety-split because I LOVE comments and LOVE answering them.

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