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Content Marketing Tips 101

Many experts have said content marketing is the big thing to follow if you want to increase the online presence of your business. As it happens, these experts are correct. Everyone has a website now, so that’s no longer a good way to stand out. Your articles, blogs, videos, surveys, pictures, and infographics will be the way you get more people to check out what your business is about, and keep them with you. There is no better way to let your customers know you care about them and their concerns than a well-run content marketing campaign. Here are some things to remember when starting your campaign.

Don’t Forget Mobile

Most marketers know the importance of making sure their material is mobile-compatible, but knowing that and implementing it are two different things. For example, many companies will use emails that customers will open on their mobile devices, but the emails may not have responsive design. Every piece of content your mobile customers will receive should be responsive. It just looks sloppy otherwise.

Do Forget Automation

Or at least use automation a lot less. Yes, it absolutely takes time and effort and creativity to continually produce and distribute new content. More than three quarters of successful marketers have increased the volume of their content over the past year, which means many are looking for a way to streamline the production of content.

The thing is that any automated process for producing content will take a great deal of supervision. If it looks like a robot is producing your content, your customers will be able to tell and they’ll start to ignore it. This defeats the entire purpose of creating content in the first place. You can use it sparingly, but it’s not something that can be used as the major component of your content marketing strategy.

Create a User Experience

Quality content marketing will bring in new people and keep your established customers coming back for more. If you put a video on YouTube, for example, it’s fairly easy to put a link in there that goes right back to your company. The viewer could go straight from absorbing your content to your website for more information. Draw them in by creating a unified user experience. This is also useful for analytics. You’ll be able to track just how many people were brought to your site from your blog or your Facebook page or your YouTube account, giving you tangible evidence that content marketing works.

Content Is Valuable

Good content is more than just a way to increase sales. It is something of value in itself. Content that informs, educates, or just entertains has already given someone something they enjoy, free of charge. And if the free stuff is that great, then the rest of what you have to offer will be that much more tantalizing!

Good content marketing pieces link your company with good emotions that make people want to learn more. Even if you’re not advertising anything in your content, they could seek out your website for more information. Or they can “like” or “+1” your content and spread it through social media, bringing in more potential customers. Your content should encourage those who view it to at least spread the word. If the content is good, that part will take care of itself.

Invest in Content

Businesses everywhere have realized the importance of content, and they have changed their marketing budgets accordingly. The money put into content marketing has been increasing for years now, and the trend isn’t slowing down.

Some businesses have the impression that it’s a more expensive way to advertise. It does take more work to make quality content, but the fact is that it costs less than traditional marketing — it has the potential to bring in more customers due to the widespread instantaneous distribution the internet provides.

Your Brand is Everything

Last but certainly not least is your brand, or at least the promotion of it. Your brand is your name. It’s your reputation. It’s the representation of everything you want your company to be. Content marketing is the thing that can turn your brand into a household name. It’s the thing that not only gets your brand’s foot in the door, but invited into the house for dinner. Your content marketing pieces should reflect the overall vision you want to project with your branding.

Content marketing is very important, but it’s just as important to decide how and where you will produce and post your content. It’s not enough just to get it out there. You have to ensure that your content is where your desired audience will look. Develop a powerful, interesting, and productive content marketing campaign and see where it takes you.


Emily Hunter is the Outreach Coordinator for the Marketing Zen Group. She loves designing strategies with her team and is excited about spreading the Zen gospel. In her spare time, she cheers for Spirit of Atlanta, Carolina Crown and Phantom Regiment, creates her own sodas, and crushes tower defense games. Follow her on Twitter at @Emily2Zen.

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