About Jo

Web Designer, Social Media Savvy, Colorado Transplant, Ex-Texan & Kickboxer.

I’m Jo Guerra, your Denver web designer, social media marketing consultant and certified search engine optimization specialist. I work with young-at-heart female prime timers (AKA 45+) (I’ve also worked with a lot of men) business owners that are smart enough to know when to leave web design to professionals and work on things that really count – your business! You don’t want to be your own web designer (who has time?), ya just want to get NOTICED, right? And you want to look GREAT online and be found without any tech worries.

I got your back. I had my first website built in 1996 (for a small fortune) and every time I wanted to update it, I had to hire a coder because the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) that was supposed to let me change the site easily never worked. Why shouldn’t you be able to update our own website when you want? Or hire it out, but it’s your decision – we’re talking control, baby. You’re not forced to hire it out.

And you want your company website to look impressive and fantastic to your prospects and clients, right? That is a YES – I can almost hear you saying “YES, of course” – we all want that. And again, I got your back. I WON’T let you make any mistakes on your website that makes your company look like a rookie. No bad pictures, bad quality logos, gobbledygook writing, etc. But don’t worry – it will be with compassion and helpful but gentle suggestions.

As far as search engine optimization, hey, I’ve been duped. So I know what it takes to be found by Google and other search engines the holistic way. Not in a way that guarantees your results and then you get kicked out of Google. Who wants that?

Plus if you want to your business to be a social media star and want to become a serious blogger, I can help you put all your social media sharing into a process that spreads your content easily and gives your company more visibility. And make the most of each blog post by having the right search engine optimization and keywords built into it. Let’s talk.

Here’s what a customer said about the website we created for her real estate company:

I have been remiss in gushing about how great it looks! - Darcy Truppo, SE Denver Homes

So imagine that your website was the ideal picture of what you imagined and that you hired a web design company provides relief of the stress that goes with such a huge undertaking. Well, that’s what you can get with Kick A – a professional Denver Web Design company that cares about you. Just ask Darcy or any of previous clients.

After all, you’re smart enough to know that your best investment is spending your time on your business.

Not ready to start your project? Let’s keep in touch. Get updates.

My Top 10 List

  1. Spanish was my first language.
  2. I do yoga, Pilates, Zumba and weight training. Total health aficionado.
  3. I’m a very young-at-heart baby boomer – ah but don’t tell anyone please. My friends and clients range in age from 20’s to 70’s.
  4. People love that I am direct. And then again, some people don’t.
  5. I drove to Mexico by myself several times.
  6. The old cliché that “I just love people” applies to me – okay I am lying. Most people.
  7. I’m originally from South Texas and somehow Texas still has a place in my heart, but I’ll take the weather in Colorado anytime over Texas.
  8. Graduated from UT Austin with a BBA in Marketing – has marketing changed since then!
  9. I’ve lived in Colorado for many years.
  10. For my old business I traveled, imported, wholesaled and retailed jewelry and I am NOT a jewelry person.